Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have You Looked At Your Resume Lately?

How's your resume? Even if you are currently employed, it is important to keep it updated. Any time your job responsibilities change or you achieve a milestone in your career, a resume update is a must. Think of it as house keeping. Do you wait until the power goes out to pay your electric bill? Didn't think so. Don't wait until you have no job to update your resume.

To get you thinking....
  • Does your resume go back more than 12 years or 3 jobs? It shouldn't.
  • Does your resume include at least three of your greatest accomplishments for each position? It should.
  • Is your resume more than one page? If yes, that's OK but you need to have a condensed version.
  • Have you had any recent training or education relevant to your career field? It should be on your resume - the long version at least!
  • Do you have personal information like hobbies on your resume? They need to go!
  • Have you corrected all grammatical and spelling errors? Sounds like a no-brainier, I know...
  • Is your contact information current? Yikes! Wouldn't that be a problem?
  • Get a second opinion. Once your resume is written, ask a trusted friend or colleague to review it and give you honest feed back.
  • No resume and not sure where to start? Contact a resume professional for advice or look for resume templates online... but remember a template is just that (Wikipedia Definitions: a pre-developed page layout in electronic or paper media used to make new pages with a similar design, pattern, or style; Form letter, a standard letter in electronic or paper media used many times with details for individual recipients added)
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas Edison

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