Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is it a good idea to buy a new construction home?

Five reasons to buy a new build home

Like most of the real estate industry, there’s been major growth in new home construction. Here are five reasons to consider building a brand new home.

  • Design your dream home 
    • When you’re in on the home building process from the very start, you get to pick the floor plan that ‘s perfect for you and your family. It’s the best way to get the exact home you want.
  • Save on energy costs
    • While older homes can have inefficient heating, cooling, insulation, and appliances, new homes are typically built for energy efficiency from the very start. Your utility bills could be dramatically lower.
  • Community amenities
    • If your new home is part of a planned community, you can take advantage of amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and other recreation areas that might not be available otherwise.
  • Fewer worries, fewer surprises
    • With a new build, it’s less likely that you’ll run into maintenance and repair issues compared to what you might experience with an existing home.
  • Enjoy it from the start
    • No need to endure the frustration that might come with a fixer-upper. With a new home, you can enjoy your new space the day you move in.
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Looking for reasons to think twice before choosing to build a brand new home

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why You Might THINK TWICE about Choosing a New Construction Home

Five reasons you may hesitate to buy a new build home

Like most of the real estate industry, there’s been major growth in new home construction. Here are five reasons to think twice before choosing to build a brand new home.

  • Logistics
    • Can you get the move coordinated? If you already have another home, do you have a place to go if yours sells before the new home is complete? Do you qualify for the new home without selling your current home?
  • Limited negotiating room on price
    • The advertised price is based on certain features - usually the entry level pricing but what you see in the model is usually all the upgrades.  Many buyers that choose new construction experience a bit of heartbreak when they have to settle for less than what they saw in the model or realize there are features they want but can't afford.  
  • Headaches
    • Are you ready for all the builder meetings and decisions that come with planning and building a new home? These meetings often require weekday appointments. What if there are unforeseen changes or delays?
  • Cookie-cutter design. 
    • Frequently less character, or homogenous design. Often you will pick a from the same selection of model designs that your neighbor chose from but in slightly different color combinations.
  • Potential for homeowners association dues. 
    • Frequently, new neighborhoods have a homeowners association or covenants that can put limits on how you use your property and may include dues.

What some great reasons to buy new?  Watch for an article in the next week! Five Reasons you SHOULD build a new home!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What the heck is so great about your house?

Have you been thinking about selling your house?

by: +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

As I'm sure you already know a lot of work we're going to preparing to sell. Just like anything else you want to get top dollar for you need to make it look it's best but aside from all the cleaning decluttering and staging that you're going to do we're going to need to get as much information about your house as possible.
So let's answer the first question that will be on most buyers minds when they come to look at your house.

What's so great about this house and why should I pay this price?

Start thinking about the things that made you fall in love with the house and the things that you've done to improve it and write them out.
It's no secret that everybody wants to find a good value; to be sure that what they're getting is worth the money they're spending; so it only makes sense that you want to provide a list of features and benefits defending top dollar value for your home.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where Do Agents Get the Best Training?

Training Magazine Names Keller Williams #2 in the World!
Keller Williams named the #2 Training Organization!

Keller Williams Realty has been named the No. 2 training organization in the world across all industries by Training Magazine!

When your agent gets more training, they market and negotiate better for YOU! I am honored to say I am with KW and I utilize the training tools they provide (and more) to create the best possible result and experience for my clients.

Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in North America and one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the world.  

Read the full announcement here: http://blog.kw.com/2014/02/05/keller-williams-realty-named-no-2-training-organization-in-the-world/

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you celebrating too soon?

Sellers: Are you celebrating too soon?

by: +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

The stories of multiple offers and above-asking sales prices happen frequently in today’s market, but some sellers assume their home will be in that number way before they even sign the listing agreement. Sellers who “celebrate too soon,” so to speak, can put themselves at a disadvantage in a number of ways, like:
  • Cheaping out on staging, 
  • Failing to do all the items on their property prep list,
  • Overpricing their homes, assuming the demand-supply imbalance will automatically swing in their favor
  • Getting sloppy in how they maintain their homes on a daily basis, while they are still on the market, and
  • Making large purchases or spending their house proceeds “in advance,” while the buyer’s loan and inspections are still pending.

First, the homes that have multiple offers and sell quickly were a GOOD VALUE to the buyer. Meaning, the home was appealing in size, condition, location and amenities compared to other homes of similar list price.

Second, even on today’s "hot market", deals sometimes fall out of escrow because a buyer has a change in their life, their job or their family, or because they simply turn out not to qualify for the loan they were pre-approved to receive. Smart sellers stay vigilant and keep their houses meticulous and their finances in good shape throughout the entire time frame from property preparation through close of escrow. It’s also essential to keep your mortgage broker close to help align the timing of the purchase of your next home in a way that makes sense with your current home’s listing and sale.

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