Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you celebrating too soon?

Sellers: Are you celebrating too soon?

by: +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

The stories of multiple offers and above-asking sales prices happen frequently in today’s market, but some sellers assume their home will be in that number way before they even sign the listing agreement. Sellers who “celebrate too soon,” so to speak, can put themselves at a disadvantage in a number of ways, like:
  • Cheaping out on staging, 
  • Failing to do all the items on their property prep list,
  • Overpricing their homes, assuming the demand-supply imbalance will automatically swing in their favor
  • Getting sloppy in how they maintain their homes on a daily basis, while they are still on the market, and
  • Making large purchases or spending their house proceeds “in advance,” while the buyer’s loan and inspections are still pending.

First, the homes that have multiple offers and sell quickly were a GOOD VALUE to the buyer. Meaning, the home was appealing in size, condition, location and amenities compared to other homes of similar list price.

Second, even on today’s "hot market", deals sometimes fall out of escrow because a buyer has a change in their life, their job or their family, or because they simply turn out not to qualify for the loan they were pre-approved to receive. Smart sellers stay vigilant and keep their houses meticulous and their finances in good shape throughout the entire time frame from property preparation through close of escrow. It’s also essential to keep your mortgage broker close to help align the timing of the purchase of your next home in a way that makes sense with your current home’s listing and sale.

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