Friday, April 3, 2009

Planting a Garden (the very basics)

Planting a Garden in Four Easy Steps
The basics of planting a garden

1) Planning:
When should you plant your garden? (
Where is the best location or your garden? (sunlight, accessibility, can you keep animals out, etc)
What do you plan to plant in your garden? (
How big should your garden be? (How much time do you have?)
Will it be an elevated box or in the ground? (New in ground gardens should have the soil started the fall before you first plant)
Draw a map determining what plants will go where.

2) Prepare the Soil:
You need to have fertile, well-drained soil.
Be sure to test the PH of your soil as different plants grow well under different conditions. (

3) Planting your Garden:
It is very important to follow depth and spacing instructions for seeds.
Be sure to mark you rows!

4) Maintaining your Garden:
Be sure to monitor the amount of water your garden is getting.
Keep the weeds out of your garden - mulch between the rows will help prevent weeds and provide you a pathway.
Be aware of bug problems and attend to them quickly.
Plan to compost your harvested plants to be used in your garden the following year!

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