Monday, September 3, 2012

Do you wash your hands correctly?

Flu season is upon us!  Please remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Face it. You touch A LOT of stuff!  Your hands are gross. Then you shake somebody's hand and pass those germs along.  Or worse yet for you, you reach into that bag of potato chips for a snack... and you lick your fingers.

Maybe someone taught you to sing a song (like the Alphabet song) when you were young to ensure you washed your hands long enough... but how you wash your hands matters too!

To really get rid of germs so please follow these 8 easy steps...
Then turn the water off with your elbow or a paper towel.  
Also use your paper towel to open the bathroom door.  No towels - just "sanitary" hand driers? Use your shirt to open the door or wait for someone else to open the door.

OK - so some of you are hand sanitizer freaks.  That is good in a pinch and all... but nothing beats a good scrubbing under the finger nails to get your hands truly clean.  I mean really, would you want your surgeon to just grab a squirt of hand sanitizer before doing your operation?

Be healthy everyone!


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