Thursday, October 3, 2013

What to do with that mess of chargers?

A mess of chargers

Let's face it. That pile of chargers on your [desk, night stand, counter, etc] is ugly. 

So how are you going to fix it?

Here are some ideas! 
Decorative grass hidden power stationBinder clip cord keepers

Phone holder and charger cord keeper Power strip and chargers hidden in decorative box Power strip hidden in bread box

Power strip, charges and devices hidden in drawer

 If you scrolled down this far, here's your chance for a FREE solution!

Here is a video of thingCHARGER:

P.S. I have ZERO affiliation with any of these companies. I take credit for none of these photos or ideas.

P.P.S. Always take your electronics and other valuables with you when you have showings scheduled at you home! (Or put them in a safe...)

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