Friday, October 23, 2015

My Morning Routine, Fall 2015

Having a Routine for Success

We all have to start somewhere so this isn't perfect but it's honest. With any luck I will improve and have a success story to share a few months from now. If it works, maybe I'll write a book.  Writing a book seems to be "the thing to do" if you have success or struggle in anything, no?  Looking back, I have plenty of old self-help posts/material I could use - including thoughts on morning routines!

It started with the 6 Minute Plan from the book Miracle Morning and I have expanded a couple areas areas already in hopes for better results.  This is my current (Miracle) morning routine.

1) Calm and relaxed - deep breathing - I still do this lying in bed though they recommend getting up and doing it meditation-style, sitting with legs crossed and meditation music.

2) Vision board (goals), visualize a perfect day right after my deep breathing. This also still happens while laying in bed and I simply have a family photo on my Vision board for now.

3) Physical Activity - stretching/increase heart rate. I created a Pinterest board with some of my favorite exercises and spend 10 minutes a day on this... and I have started making my husband join me.

4) Write down what you are grateful for - this is easiest while you are still in that positive thinking state of mind from deep breathing and visualizing a perfect day.

5) Self-help Reading - I am in a book club and that keeps me accountable for reading a chapter a week. Though I am naturally inclined to learning, I tend to prefer short articles or books because I am a little ADD. Yes, another buzz acronym but not an excuse for me nor an official diagnosis. Infact, I tell myself the ability for my mind to switch subjects quickly and often is a positive skill. I digress.

6) Daily affirmations - I have struggles with this but I did write a couple and put them on my calendar to read each day.

7) The stuff people normally think of as a morning routine; brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, COFFEE, etc

We all have the need for a bit of structure in our lives.  There are a lot of buzz words about being healthy, happy and having personal success through mindset and activities but the truth is not everyone will have the same commitment, drive, opportunity, etc and we all have excuses.

Even I have written about exercise and eating healthy and doing things to better myself right here in this blog and I too have "fallen off the wagon" because, well, life happens.  But the idea is that no matter how many times you fail, you try again, with a new approach if needed.

Wish me luck!

If you have a morning routine, I'd love to hear it and how you believe it affects your life.

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