Friday, January 18, 2013

MN School district maps, ratings and rankings.

Researching Schools in Minnesota

Everybody has different criteria when determining where to live. For some it's schools but not all for the same reasons. Some choose based on class size, immersion programs, district reputation, parent reviews, a school the grew up in, test results.... The list goes on.

Here are a list of resources I've found (but don't necessarily endorse) to help you do your research and compare to find the best school in MN for you. The MN Department of Education is an overall great resource but here are some other useful direct links.

School District Map and Phone Numbers

Maps of school district areas:
Phone numbers for MN school districts:

Minnesota School Ranking Information:

Rankings based on Test Scores and other data:
Ratings based on opinion:
More Rankings/other data:

Other school resources:

Immersion Schools:
Afterschool Programs (this page also has links to other related info):

Again, some data is factual and some opinion so decide what matters most to you when evaluating Minnesota schools.

Do you have a resource you love to use when evaluating schools?  Please comment and share!

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