Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's a great time to start researching your lake home purchase!

What?  It's JANUARY! The lakes are FROZEN!

Exactly.  Holiday hype is probably winding down.  If you are into ice fishing, you might be spending some time on the lake but otherwise, why not be prepared to jump on the perfect lake home in April so you have the whole summer to use it!  That means it's the perfect time to do your pre-shopping research!

Start by considering the type of lake you desire:
Natural Environment lakes usually have less than 150 total acres, less than 60 acres per mile of shoreline, and less than three dwellings per mile of shoreline. They may have some winter kill of fish; may have shallow, swampy shoreline; and are less than 15 feet deep.
Recreational Development lakes usually have between 60 and 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline, between 3 and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
General Development lakes usually have more than 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
Unfortunately, not all Minnesota lakes are in the Shoreline program and those lakes will be classified in the MLS as, “Not Applicable" so be sure to always have your agent include these in your search just in case.

Something to keep in mind is where these types of lakes will be located.  If you are shopping the in the Twin Cities, it is generally substantially more expensive to find a home on a lake than if you are in more rural areas of Minnesota.  Small, older seasonal cabins/homes may have starting prices over $200,000.

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