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What Home Layout Style House Fits You?

What Home Layout Style House Fits You?

by +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

Over time, home styles have evolved.  In real estate, we classify interior layouts as follows. Do you have a favorite? Are you ready to GET YOUR SEARCH STARTED?

1. One Story - Often called a Rambler or Ranch home
One story single-family house

2.  One 1/2 Stories
One 1/2 story single-family house. Second floor only has adequate ceiling height in a portion of it.

3.  Two Stories
Two story single-family house. Has adequate ceiling height throughout upper story.

4.  More Than Two Stories
Single-Family house with more than two stories.

5.  Modified Two Story
Two story single-family house where the second story has full ceiling height throughout but has less square feet of finished space than the first level, leaving a portion of the structure without the second story. However, there is a full set of stair risers to the second story. (Does not include multi-level homes with a half set of risers but not a shorter full set.).

6.  Three Level Split
Three level split home. Most commonly, there is main level living space such as a kitchen and dining room and there are generally shorter sets of stairs between the levels.

7.  Four or More Level Split
Built like a three level split, except it has a basement level and/or additional levels.

8.  Split Entry (Bi-Level)
Upon entering, go up or down a set of stairs. May be front-back or side split.

9.  Other
Any single family dwelling that does not fit into the preceding categories.

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