Friday, December 20, 2013

Does staging really help your home sell for more money?

Does staging really help your home sell for more money?
By +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

Heck yes!

Staging isn't just moving a little furniture around, it's helping a buyer picture themselves living there. This means taking YOUR personal touches out and creating a neutral, welcoming atmosphere that highlights the best features of the home.
Buying is triggered by the emotions of the buyer.  You might be attached to the photos of your dog and your favorite arm chair but the buyer can't see past it to imagine their cat and precious antiques there. The faster you can get a buyer "attached" to your house, the faster it will sell and the more money you will get for your house. So again, YES, staging will get you more money for your home!

Check out THESE before and after pics or THESE.
 Staging Before and After Photos
 It works, right? :)

Everyone wants to get the best price for their home. Let me help!

Since it is your stuff and your house, it's often hard to stage it yourself. Call me and I will help you get started.


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