Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Grandma's Goes Hawaiian" Recipe

jar of Grandma's Goes Hawaiian marinade and barbecue sauce
It's possible that if you've been in eastern Minnesota or western Wisconsin at a craft show or similar event you've seen the booth for Grandmas Favorite Recipes.

You probably sampled some of their sauces on hamburger meat, little Smokies, chicken or other meets. I did and they tasted good so I purchased some of the marinade and BBQ sauce they had for sale. The trouble didn't start until I was home...
I guess I assumed I could simply search the web and find the recipes using the sauces I bought. But it wasn't really that easy.

So I decided that I would simply start putting the marinade over things I had in the freezer.

So far, I have found that Grandma's Goes Hawaiian works great on chicken.

I'll post updates here as I continue to use some of the other marinades and barbecue sauce from Grandma's.

Happy cooking!

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