Monday, April 7, 2014

40 by 40: Are you on track?

My attention span is particularly short in this modern day life to too much to do and too little time so I like things to get to the point.  Too much information in one sitting and I retain none of it so if you are like me, you appreciate the CliffsNotes version of things.

So here they are: 40 financial things you must know by 40. 

(And for those who like all the details or want more information on just one or two, scroll to the bottom for the full story.)
May I suggest printing this list and hanging it on the fridge like a to-do list?

1. The three basics of a solid financial foundation.
2. How to create a budget.
3. How much you should be saving.
4. Your net worth.
5. How much you make and how much you spend each month.
6. How to get out of debt.
7. Your credit score.
8. How to pull a free credit report.
9. It can take a long time to save up a down payment.
10. What is a financial emergency and what's not.
11. What your ideal retirement will cost.
12. How much you have saved for retirement.
13. How to manage budget-busting friends.
14. Your own money personality.
15. That, the older you get, the more complex your money life becomes.
16. How your significant other handles money.
17. Where your parents stand financially.
18. The basics of investing.
19. A good tax accountant.
20. Your total compensation package.
21. What a 529 plan is.
22. How to maximize your time.
23. Who your health care proxy is.
24. That it's possible to juggle a couple of money goals at once.
25. That you will never have "enough" money.
26. That you never know the truth about other people's finances.
27. What not to do when you buy a new home.
28. How to find a financial planner you trust.
29. How to dress fabulously on your budget.
30. What "rebalancing" means.
31. Why life insurance is so important.
32. The big cost of your little splurges.
33. A favorite under-$10 dinner.
34. How to negotiate a better salary.
35. What a will is -- and why you need one.
36. How taxes factor into your retirement plan.
37. That cashing out your 401(k) may hurt you.
38. The ins and outs of interest.
39. How your money can affect change.
40. A financial plan.

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