Thursday, April 3, 2014

Should I get that tested?

What should I have tested in the house I own or the house I am buying?

will my house pass or fail the test?
Every few years, it seems there is a new big concern about something that is causing a health issue. Asbestos, Lead, Carbon Monoxide, Radon... the list goes on.  So what items should you really worry about?

In short, if you are asking about whether something specific should be tested, the answer is probably yes.
Especially when buying a house.  Here are some common things people get tested and some resources to help you learn more about this areas.  Of course, this list is not comprehensive, only touches on common items.  For the sake of your health, it's good to educate yourself and proceed with caution though I would recommend obsessing about any of these items.

These are common concerns when buying home in Minnesota.  Other states have additional issues with things like termites that are not as common here.  My point in bringing these up it not to freak you out but simply make you aware.

You should also have the overall condition of a home inspected before buying or selling a home. Read more about home inspections here and find out about having the structure, electrical, plumbing and more inspected.

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