Monday, June 16, 2014

Packing for a Move: Where do you get the boxes?

Packing and Unpacking

Packing and Unpacking
Finding moving boxes that fits both your needs and budget takes some preparation. It includes assessing what kind of assortment and how many boxes you will need and researching the costs. And being prepared with moving box knowledge saves time - you won't be running out at the last minute to buy more boxes and good organization helps save time during the loading and unloading process for your movers.

And don't forget, after the move, compress your boxes, remove the tape, and find place to stash them, like a storage unit or an overhead closet. You will have exactly what you need for the next time move.

1. Cardboard boxes 
Cardboard boxes are convenient because they can be bought virtually everywhere -- from Amazon to Home Depot to Sam's Club) The downside is that they are usually sold in one-size packs and you may end up with a surplus of unused, wasted boxes. 
Some online moving supply companies, like and, have solved this by selling "moving kits," which include a variety of box sizes and other necessities, such as bubble wrap, packing tape and markers. The benefit of buying a package is that the supplier helps you estimate how many boxes you will need, based on the size of your place.

2. Grocery store boxes (apple boxes, plastic milk crates, and glass or wine boxes)
Best to stow small, heavy items for the move. It's a cheap, eco-friendly way to get boxes for your move; however, it requires a little extra work on your part to get chummy with the manager of a local grocery and start accumulating a set of boxes. Restaurants and coffee shops are your best bet for finding plastic milk crates, free of charge.

3. Banker boxes (boxes that usually store paper or legal files; roughly a foot wide and high, by 2 feet long) 
They have handles for easy transport and lift-off lids. Best for little or heavy items, such as books, DVDs and cooking utensils or children's clothes.

4. Wardrobe boxes (the tall, slender boxes that come with hinged holes and a metal bar) 
Works well for light, bulky belongings such as pillows, comforters, sleeping bags, etc). Do NOT put heavy things in these boxes.

5. Eco-friendly boxes (eco-conscious moving boxes). 

You can rent these storage boxes for a couple of weeks to pack and move, and then they are picked up once your move is complete. The downside of this is usually cost.

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