Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Must Have Supplies for Moving

Moving Supplies List

What packing supplies will you need? 

Great moving tips can reduce a lot of stress! Here are the five MUST HAVE packing supplies when planning a move.

1. Packing Boxes
When it comes to moving supplies, cardboard boxes can be your biggest expense. Often , moving companies provide the boxes for you. Movers use standard-size boxes, as well as specialty boxes for items such as mirrors and artwork. The key is to use the right box for the right items and do make sure that you fill the box snugly to prevent moving, shifting and breaking.

2. Packing paper
Bubble wrap and Packing Peanuts are bad for the environment but if you are reusing it from something else, go for it. TIP: Use your towels and wash clothes to wrap your breakable items before putting them in boxes.  This will save you money on buying packing materials.

2. Use the right kind of packing tape
Use old-fashioned packaging tape, the 2-inch wide kind. After all, this is what it was meant for - packing!

3. Box cutter
Once you are ready to unpack those boxes, you don't want to break all your nails (or anything within the box) trying to get the tape off. A box cutter, an important unpacking supply, will slice through the packing tape easily. And if you need to break down your boxes for recycling, the box cutter will make that job a lot easier.

4. Sharpie
The Sharpie is a small but mighty packing tool. Unless you want to play "what's inside this box" when you get to your new house, make sure you label your boxes. "You don't need an inventory of every item," says Fierst. "But a general idea, as well as the room you want it to go to, will really help when you unpack that box."

5. Moving Blankets/Tarps
Whether you get them from your moving company or you use blankets you already own or you buy some from the thrift store, it's important to cover your big items to prevent them from getting damaged.

What do you do with the boxes when you are done?
-Return them to the moving company
-Flatten and organize them for a future move
-Offer them to a real estate agent for other clients to use
-Take them to the recycling area at the town dump.

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