Monday, May 27, 2013

You are going to LOVE your home! PROJECT #8: Swap Out Your Windows

And we are on to PROJECT #8!

by +Sarah Marrinan - Keller Williams Premier Realty 

Swap out the old windows for dual-paned.
Switching out your old single paned windows for new dual-paned ones might make your home look better and it will definitely make your home operate more efficiently – and more comfortable. Dual-paned windows minimize heat-loss in the winter and keep the cool air in, in the summer, so you’re not trying to heat up and cool down the whole outdoors through the leaks in your windows. They’re also a must if you have street noise or other noise challenges around your home; the extra insulation traps noise before it can get to you, inside your home.

As with everything, costs vary by location and by the quality of window you choose, but you can use $200-300/window, installed, as a rough rule of thumb. Some older homes can require wood repair of rotted out window frames, in the course of switching to dual-paned, which can increase the project cost significantly. Also, many cities and states offer rebates for installing dual paned windows (and making other energy-efficient upgrades, by the by), which can dramatically defray the costs of this particular remodeling project. This is one of those $10K-ish projects that actually can pay for itself over time.

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