Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Price To Good to be True?

Every buyer is looking for the "perfect house" or "killer deal" and they have likely read something somewhere or heard somebody say they can get a "great deal on a foreclosure" or "offer low becasue it's a buyers market".

But what makes a home a good deal?  If the price looks "cheap" you should probably be asking why.  Is it the condition?  The neighborhood? The amount of time it has been sitting empty? Are they trying to generate a bidding war?

Houses marketed by a reputable real estate agent will most often be priced in line with properties of comparable condition, lot size, location, etc.

When you do find that home that looks "perfect" for you, be sure to get a sane-day showing and do a little research with a good agent.  Chances are you aren't the only one who thinks it's great and you will want to beat those other buyers out!

Bottom Line: If the price looks too good to be true, you might be missing something. Jump on "the deal" but make sure you do your research!

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