Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 house landscaping tips for before a sale

Let's be honest, one of the most stressful parts about selling a house for many people is getting it "showing ready" and keeping it that way.

The outside of your house is the first thing people see when I drive up so let's start there.

Here are 10 tips to enhance your curb appeal without breaking the bank or eating (all) your time.

1. Don't waste your money on a big project. Your house is for sale and you won't recoup the money.
2. Remove all weeds.  A buyer will think that if you don't care enough about your house to remove the weeds, what else did you neglect. Consider your budget and time and decide if you need to hire a professional or do it yourself.
3. Cut the lawn every week. Maybe twice if your lawn grows quickly. again you may need to hire a service if you can't do this yourself.
4. Trim bushes. A buyer should be able to see your house; the windows shouldn't be covered up by overgrown bushes.
5. Trim the trees. Get rid of all those little saplings at the base of the tree and trim any low branches. Climb up on the roof, trim any branches that touch and remove any sticks that fell on it. This also eliminates any issues with the inspection later. While you're up there, clean out the gutters, too.
6. Clean your front door. Wipe it down so it's free of dust and grine and remove cobwebs. Replace the welcome mat or remove it all together.
7. Freshen up the mulch in flower beds and clean debris from rock gardens. Remove any dead or dying plants. No need for planting anything new. Let the buyer see the "potential".
8. Group potted plants at the front door if you have the space. Remember if your house is for sale, the landscaping at your front door area should be welcoming. Keep it simple.
9. Whether you have a deck, patio, porch or lanai think about this area when you are landscaping your house for a sale. Think of it as another room in your house -declutter and keep it clean. Simple patio furniture with room to move around is all you need to show off the space.
10. Stay on top of seasonal landscaping duties. Shovel the snow. Rake the leaves. Keep the lawn watered. Buyers are not going to trudge through the snow to see your house. In fact, they probably won't even get out of the car.

Though it's not in the top 10, if you have a blacktop driveway consider a fresh seal coating.
Now that wasn't so bad was it? Most of these items are part of your normal maintenance routine already but give them just a little extra attention because you're selling.

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