Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get detached! Take a vacation!


Repeat after me: It's not my home
When you list your house for sale, it goes from being your home to being a product. What would you do if trying to sell your car? Get your stuff out, clean it up, fix the major issues and show it to everyone able to buy it. Same goes for your house!

Repeat after me: I am living in a hotel on a wanna-be vacation
Think of all this de-cluttering  and cleaning as the start of an extended wanna-be vacation. Most vacations are not spent at the hotel so if you have your house stripped to the bare essentials like a hotel, it will be easier to keep in check and available for short-notice showings.
Use this as an opportunity to spend time away from home. Check out the area you are moving to. Visit the library, drive the neighborhood, check out the park and get acquainted with your NEW home and neighborhood.
If your new place is too far away, use this time to visit local friends, visit the zoo, eat at your favorite restaurants and other activities you may not have available at the new house... Anything that will keep you (and your kids) occupied away from the house.

Just think, if you do this upfront and your home sells fast, it's a very small sacrifice to make for a short period of time. :)

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